Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Well, this has been quite an interesting last couple weeks.  From dropping roles to re-requesing them, applications, earning standings, working out other ties, in addition to reassessing my plans as a capsuleer.  The good news, I finally made up my mind.  The bad news, I don't think I'll be seeing a dear friend in a fleet for a while.  At any rate, I feel I'm making a move in the right direction.  I'll get a chance to fly with some others who like to fly the way I do, and hopefully we'll get to have a bit of fun going on here soon.  It's been a while since I updated, but I'll give everyone a run-through.  I've ben visiting the Skyhook more often, and have come across quite a few different types in my times there.  Met a sweet Amarrian named Shalee, who's quickly climbing the friendship ladder with me, and with a little assistance from her, I came across Karo, a wonderful specimen as well.  Strong, rugged, and sweet; probably my favorite combination of traits in a person.  I did meet Ethan Verone tonight, and that led to some rather engaging conversation all in all; he turned out to be much nicer than I expected him to be, though I suspect the murder accounts weren't simply friendly hugs gone fatal.  At any rate, he is a pleasant enough gentleman, gave me a different look on Guristas, I'll admit.  But more importantly, I think I've found my calling; Myrh's gonna get a kick outta this tomorrow.

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